I find joy in hearing friends and loved ones explaining what I do for a living. These conversations typically start off with, “she works with insert the name of their favorite player.” Whether or not I actually work with them, is most times irrelevant. After trying to pull bits and pieces from conversations we’ve had, they generally end with “maybe you should ask her.” As a result of hundreds of these conversations initiated by those who love and support me, I feel compelled to act as a publicist for my industry and share exactly what I/we do.

Simply put, publicists are responsible for promoting a person, product, or company, with the goal of securing earned media or unpaid media coverage. I’m sure if you googled or looked up the word, you’d find a similar definition. I am also certain that you will find a ton of individuals (some credible and some not) who put their spin on what a publicist is and what their objectives are. While there may be truth to some of these alternate definitions, I implore you to use the definition above as the base of your understanding.

Another point worth clarifying is that the sports in sports publicists equates to athletes. This is not the case. A sports publicist works within many verticals in the sports community. At THE SPORTS PUBLICIST, we focus on the intersection of sport and entertainment. As a result, our clients have a connection to sport, yet touch every industry – fashion, lifestyle, technology, business, financial services, production, etc. They are organizations, athletes, executives, teams, leagues, governing bodies, influencers, storytellers, philanthropist and global brands.

We ensure that our clients are accurately portrayed to the public and media, increase their visibility, and provide the tools and platform to tell their stories effectively, efficiently, and authentically. Our clients are doing AMAZING things... our job is to find avenues to share those stories with the world.